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hello i am new to building computers.
At the moment i have a radeon hd 5450 and i want to upgrade but my card doesnt have a 6 pin connector (i don't think it does anyway) so what should i do about buying a new card cheers :)
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  1. Again please ; the card doesn't have a connector or your psu doesn't have one ?
  2. GreenDutchAlien said:
    Again please ; the card doesn't have a connector or your psu doesn't have one ?

    my card does not have one do you think you can help me?
  3. i your car doesnt have a 6pin connector then u are just ready to no plug will be needed....and radeon 5470 is pretty out of date........but yea... the pin connector is for graphic card that need it own power or external power + plus the power from motherboard to run ( meaning it consume alot of power on it self so therefore need the pin connector to run more power )
  4. Ok but if you wanna upgrade the card it doesn't matter if the old one has it or not.
    What psu do you have. Brand/model ?
    What mobo do you have, what processor, ram etc. What resolution do you use ?
    Whats the budget and where do you buy from ?
  5. i have a ace 500w br psu i have amd fx-4100 processor and 8gb ram and i will be using 1024x768 i have found a card that i want the xfx radeon hd 7770 core edition but i wasnt sure i can buy it seen as my current card doesnt have a 6-pin
  6. if you want to upgrade the card and not the psu then you need to find out if your PSU have enought power to support the the graphic ( it should said on the GPU box how many watt it need ) second.. for example......if u upgrade to GPU that need 500watt of support from PSU then u need to upgrade your PSU .. once you should be ok... when u upgrade the card ..make buying the PSU that have at least 6 pin connector... then upgrade...if you buying GPU that doesnt have 6 pin connector then mostly is not good for power ...
  7. it dont matter if your card have 6pin or not....dont worry about the old card no more....but worry about the PSU instead...
  8. Well if the numbers are true the psu should have enough amps but no pcie connector indeed. Some people use a molex adapter but i really can't advice that.

    Better would be to buy a 7750 without new psu or a new psu + 7770 or better.
  9. GreenDutchAlien said:
    Well if the numbers are true the psu should have enough amps but no pcie connector indeed. Some people use a molex adapter but i really can't advice that.

    Better would be to buy a 7750 without new psu or a new psu + 7770 or better.

    So are you saying that i would be ok to upgrade to a 7750 without changing my psu?
  10. Yes, assuming you have a pcie 2.0 mobo that should work. ( with the psu anyway )
  11. this is my motherboard GIGABYTE - m68mt-s2 does this help you out at all?
  12. Might be 1.0, not sure. Found these contradicting reviews ;

    Pros: No issues at all. Went into my $500 budget build with a AMD FX-4100 Zambezi 3.6GHz (3.8GHz Turbo) quad core and POSTed right up, bios ran smooth. Took my Radeon HD 6570 2GB video card with no compatibility issues, what-so-ever. For the price, I'm a very happy camper.

    Cons: None, at the moment.

    But also this ;

    Pros: This is not really a review as much as it is a comment to N/A with the compatability issues, and anyone else that tries to match an ATI video card to a Nvidia north bridge. It probably won't work! try using a Nvidia card. If you already have an ATI card, then but a M/B with and ATI north bridge, and you shouldn't have any issues. Just plug it in and load the latest drivers for your OS.

    Cons: None

    Cons: I started having problems when trying to install my Radeon 4850 HD from my workstation. I'm a gamer and I need my graphics to be working properly.

    The card worked perfectly fine with my Core Duo machine, but when trying to install with this board and cpu, I couldn't get anything to work.

    - I tried updating the BIOS first (there isn't an update available yet).
    - Disabling the on-board video driver in Windows.
    - Tweaking the BIOS settings.
    - Tweaking the BIOS settings again by disabling the on-board memory buffer (this caused the on-board video to stop working and I had to flash the CMOS battery before it would boot properly again).

    Still haven't figured out how to get my card to work.

    Other Thoughts: I've concluded that the board and chipset are probably not compatible with my older Radeon card. I can't see why the FX-4100 would not be compatible with the ATI card, as ATI and AMD are partners and you would think they would make sure these cards and cpus would be compatible.

    Cons: The first problem arose when trying to install my XFX Radeon 4850 HD. The manual and BIOS both said it would recognize the PCIe video card before it's on-board video. I tried everything to get this to work and the video card worked still in my other Pentium Core Duo workstation.

    - Disabled Driver from Windows
    - Tweaked BIOS to load PEG before onboard and PCI.

    Then here's when things went bad, I tried disabling the buffer memory. Still wasn't recognizing my video card, but now, the on-board video wasn't working.

    I attempt to Flash the BIOS using the CMOS jumper, and then, removing the battery. Still didn't work.

    I'm pretty sure this board is just not compatible with my card.

    According to this guy it's a 2.1 and all those cards should work, so i dunno anymore actually. :pt1cable: ;

    Cons: It has 2 DDR3 Ram slots,
    1 PCI-2.1 Slot, well that doesn't affect me as much as enthusiast..
  13. Wait, now i see you're running a 5450, a 2.0 or a 2.1 version ?
  14. Well the 2.1 is a different architecture than the 2.0 version, something to do with power draw, simply said.

    The psu should have enough power but i really can't advice a cheap one like that ; it's not only about watts/amps it has to deliver those watts in a stable way without distortion etc. Anyway, it would run it if you insist on a cheap one.

    When you upgrade the psu you can always think about the gtx550ti or for a bit more a GTX560 non ti. Those would have no comp. prob what so ever.
    AMD i can't guarantee, it probably will work but still small change it don't. Personally i think it will, but that's just a calculated guess.
  15. would that be ok with that graphics card as in would it work alright and with my motherboard?
  16. Yes.
  17. alright well cheers just pre ordered my assassins creed so really need to upgrade my computer cheers again
  18. LoL. Happy gaming ! ( happy assassenatingning euh what ever )
  19. aha cheers man
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