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Hello, I am really frustrated right now as this problem has been going on for weeks now.

On August 20th I packed away my computer to ship to Thunder Bay from Toronto. I eventually got it on the 28th (it was shipped on the 23rd). I happily plugged everything in however, my monitor was saying no signal detected, and additionally, my resolution was terrible. So I looked in control panel and my graphics card was not being recognized.

So before I go on my system specs are as follows.

Intel i52500k
ASUS P8Z68 v pro
Sapphire HD6950
OCZ 850w Gold PSU
8 gigs of ram
Corsair 128gb SSd
500gb hd

THe cards fan was still spinning when plugged into the PSU so I was scratching my head as to what the problem was. I tried everything I found in other threads, reseating the card, putting it into different slots, reseting cmos, removing the battery on the mobo, making sure that pcie/pci was the process being booted up instead of the onboard GPU. None of this works so I figured the card was dead. Since I did not have another pc to use my gfx card on I ordered a cheap Powercolour HD5450.

I waited around for the card and when it finally arrived I slotted it in...and voila the card was detected! So it was my 6950 that was dead afterall! Alright then I said, I will just get another card and be on my way.

Today I got in my XFX 7870, slotted it in..and again no signal detected and the card was not being read. The fans were spinning so the card was getting power like the 6950 was. Now I am doubting if it was my 6950 that was dead but now I have no idea what is wrong. Is it the PSU? Mobo? Aliens?

Please help!
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  1. Are you sure you have all the right power connectors to the motherboard and video card?
  2. Specifically, have you plugged in the PCI/E power connectors from the PSU to the Video card?
  3. I have the pci power connectors from the psu to the card and I have the two psu cables from the psu to the motherboard plugged in. The 6950 needed 8 and 6, the 7870 needs two 6 pins.
  4. did you fix this problem?
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