Final touches on a $1,400 i5 gaming build

I'm looking to order a new computer as soon as the power supply's back in stock, but I wanted to make sure that I remembered everything and confirm that everything works together nicely before I place the order.]

Any thoughts?
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  1. the case is nice but i would save a bit and get a slightly cheaper and smaller one, i dont know what your using it for but if its gaming 8gb of rams more than enough, the cpu hsf is an odd choice plenty of better ones for the same money,you could pretty easily save like 80 bucks without two much compromise and put the extra into your gpu where you will notice a difference, thats my 2 cents!
  2. We can't see the page :S
  3. jasont78 said:


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    Excellent build, only thing I would do Is change to a 7950, far more well rounded IMO (they are around 300$ arn't the? Haven't been keeping up with the latest prices)
  4. I'm not sure why the link didn't show up correctly in the original post. Anyway, I chose a 660 ti mostly because I wanted it to run cool and quiet since that's my number one complaint with my current rig. That's the same reasoning for the aftermarket cooler and the case. In terms of RAM, I wanted 12 GB so that I had some breather room just in case I went over 8GB by playing multiple games at a time or running a virtual machine (I've got 2 monitors already). Unfortunately, I wanted to make sure that it's low profile so that it'll fit with the heatsink and I've been told it's a bad idea to mix and match RAM at a later date, so I figured I'd splurge an extra $40 to be safe since I couldn't find any low profile RAM in quantities other than 4, 8, and 16GB.
  5. most of the time how load and hot a GPU is depends on the cooler, generally a good idea to get a aftermarket one if you want it to be quieter or cooler. I doubt it's something that is AMD GPU specific though
  6. I'd change is the graphics card to a 7950. Heat and noice aren't AMD's or Nvidia's job to fix :). Direct cu II / twin frozr 3/4/5 / vapor-x / windforce 3x are all great coolers with low noise. And I'd switch up to a 750w if you plan overclocking or crossfire/sli in the future.
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