Thinking about a Graphics Card Need Help!

I was thinking about getting the GeForce GTX 550 Ti, link on newegg below
But I was wondering if there's another GPU about the same maybe for cheaper or a one thats way better for a little more cash, Im not looking to spend ALOT of money, but Im looking for a GPU that'll last a long time, has really good performance at a good price.

GeForce GTX 550 Ti:

Thanks for the help!
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  1. APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: By the end of the month.

    BUDGET RANGE: 140-200


    CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: I'm running on a 850v power source and an on board GPU on the ASUS Sabertooth

    OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Core i5 3570k Processor, ASUS Sabertooth, 8GB of RAM (G.Skill Ripjaws series)


    OVERCLOCKING: Maybe, I still need a better Heatsink

    SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Thinking about it. Don't know for sure.

    MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1360x768 but I'm thinking of upgrading to an ASUS Monitor showed below

  2. as far as cpu cooler goes for is a great one that will give you great performance but wont hurt your wallet.

    video card wise
    for the higher end of your budget about $200

    for the lower end about $150
    or 6850

    would def recommend going with the 7850 you wont regret it
  3. drums101's reply was picture perfect, +1 to everything he said.

    Although, you don't really need to overclock. That 3570k is fast enough stock that it will NOT bottleneck any of the cards in your price range. You could save a little bank not buying an aftermarket cooler, though I still would even if you don't overclock.
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