Only 30-40 FPS Sleeping dogs.

I have 2 ATI radion HD 7970s cross fire with an intel i7 3770k. I was wondering why I'm getting such a lot fps with these graphics cards =/. Also as abit of fun i decided to see how many FPS's i could get in minecraft and i got to 1600 on a super flat world. My friend gets 1950 fps in the same situation but he has an i5 and 1 GTX 560.

Any ideas as to how i can get the most out of my machine because it seems to be running under what it should be.

Also on another note when i put the cross fire cable on i did not know which side to put it on so i put both cables accross both graphics cards.

If you need anymore information please ask :)
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  1. Have you enabled crossfire in catalyst? and have you updated to the latest drivers ^_^.
  2. I did both :) i disabled cross fire and the fps went down. so i re-enabled it
  3. What PSU do you have?
  4. 1000w modular PSU
  5. demonitrax said:
    1000w modular PSU

  6. Okay thank you very much, even with it on normal its a low fps -.- at 1080p not these high resolutions they are using
  7. There are a few problems with the visuals in sleeping dogs, i dont think its optimized quite the way it should be yet
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