Help, odd issues.

I recently completed this build and for the past week or so I have had several issues.

It began with random, sudden power downs, I checked my heat levels, drivers, my event viewer. Every error listed was considered minor by windows, but I went through with their suggested fixes.

Beyond those sudden power downs, from time to time my sound will randomly stop working in mozilla firefox, the only way to restore sound is to close mozilla and restart it.

My computer has also been locking up at random moments, even something as mundane as opening notepad.

I've heard tell some of these issues may be related to a surge protector, could a surge protector cause my computer to just shut off as if it's been unplugged ?

System specifics :

Seasonic 750w psu
GTX 680
Gigabye Z77 UD5H
Adata 128g SSD
Seagate barracude 3T drive
Gskill sniper series ram 8 gig 4gx2
Coolermaster hyper 212 evo
i5 3570 ( running at stock temperature. )

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
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  1. The problem has been reasonably intermitten, but yesterday the computer played throughout the day without issue, but once I stopped playing, it would crash frequently while simply sitting on a youtube page watching a video between hard stops and freezes.

    Could it be from dual monitors ? I wouldn't think that would strain a gtx all that much, each screen is 1920x1080 @ 24"

    Also, I noticed when I installed the new cpu cooler that one of the pci slots had a loose clip, it seemed to still function properly, could this be my problem ? It is the port I put my gpu in.
  2. This happened to me before, its a f*ed HDD, I got mine replaced for free, you might be able to also.
  3. I've scanned both the disks multiple times, they haven't shown any issue and I never have trouble accessing files. They're under warranty, but nothing leads me to believe it's the HDD. :S
  4. Oh, then in that case, try minimal stuff, like 1 screen, one HDD, ect.
  5. I've been trying that, but it's kind of hard to rule out the issue. Like yesterday, I ran everything normally and it worked from sun up to sun down until right before I went to bed, just watching youtube. It crashed 3 times in a row and froze once ( which terrified me. ) And yet today it's running fine. Makes no sense.
  6. Check the connection, max load temp, and recheck how much power your taking from your psu, while on load.
  7. How would I go about figuring how much power my psu is taking while under load ?
  8. :P I was refering to checking again if the parts are maxing out your PSU by finding out how much each part takes on normal load, also check the connections yet again, it might be a loose cable or something, :D
  9. Ohhh, lol. Well, My computer, from the various places I checked while pricing parts, used about 500 overall, I went with a 750w incase I wanted to upgrade in the future. I'm waaaay over my wattage, or at least that's how I understood it. I checked the cables, everything's snug and secure x_x. It hasn't messed up all day, again, playing lol and wow all day, not one single freeze or hard stop. It's such a weird issues in that it only happens at random.
  10. Noticed something weird. The crashes were happening a lot specifically when I was watching videos on mozilla firefox. I tried it out with internet explorer ( because I didn't have chrome downloaded. ) And I noticed that internet explorer 'stopped working' several times and windows continually had to reset it after only a few minutes...Could this be something related to my issue ?
  11. The only hard stops I've had in the past week have been while browsing and only while browsing. I'm thinking there in lies our issue. I notice from time to time my video will kind of glitch and the sound will cut out. At other times, the sound will stop all together and I have to restart the browser. My videos will often pause as well despite the entire video being loaded, the only way to make it start is to move the bar.

    I'm desperate to find a solution, so forgive me if I'm provided mundane information.
  12. Okay, let me make something clear, a $13,000 build will have issues with internet explorer.

    And I think it might be your motherboard, check to see everything is snug there too.
  13. Posting for future reference so in case anyone else has this issue, they will know what resolved it permanently. My RAM was on a low voltage setting, and after changing this setting it has now been working for over two years without any issue since this one.
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