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So i have a Sapphire hd 6770 which is clocked at 775Mhz...Instead of a normal 6770 should be. So i decided to Overclock my Gpu using Sapphire Trixx Utility...i used to idle at around 45 degree Celcius at 775Mhz....and when playing a game like Cod 4...the Gpu would reach temps of upto 66 Degree celcius...which i thought were a little high...After i overclocked the card to 850Mhz...and started playing Cod just a few minutes the temps sky rocketed to 80 degree i got scared and underclocked it back to its original setting...i think the problem is the air flow inside the case...i just have 1 80mm fan blowing exaust air out and i guess the PSU aswell...i have low tower case...and its unbranded...3rd world country...what are u gonna do....there is no option to install a fan in the front of the case...but there is on the side panel where there is a patch just below the gpu...where i can install a my question to you guys is that would getting another fan help because i really do want to overclock to play bf3 on good settings...but i think 80 degrees just on cod 4 is a little too what should i do replace fans? place a fan on top of the gpu? Ur help will be most appreciated! :)
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  1. Anything under 85C is completely fine. I prefer to keep things at 80C or less, but you're not in a real danger zone until 90C. You can always use Afterburner to set a custom fan profile on your GPU if you haven't already.

    My setup needs far more cooling than yours does, but I'm using a CM Storm Trooper case with 2x120mm intake on the front, 3x140mm exhaust on the top/rear. You may need a new case if you want better airflow.
  2. ^+1 to all of that. Your GPU is safe. Check out your CPU temperatures too, though. The GPU may be heating up your processor, and it can't handle temperatures as high as the GPU's.

    Please stop using ellipses (...), by the way. It makes your text more difficult to read.
  3. Okay ill stop doing and thank you for replying but the thing is i started Cod 4 and after just a few minutes of play i minimized too check the temp and it was 80 Degrees. Truth be told Cod 4 isnt as Graphic intensive as some of the newer games and im afraid if i play those games with the card overclocked it could easily go above 90 Degrees. Keeping that in perspective do u think i should go for those fans? Any other advice would really help! :)
  4. Adding some fans won't hurt and maybe make a custom fan profile like BickMack says.
  5. Hmmm What would that do exactly?
  6. Adding more fans create a better airflow and maybe 2-7 C difference ( depending on the rest of the case and cable-management.)

    Creating a custom fan profile makes the fan speed up sooner at lower temps so it won't reach 80. ( you have more noise though because of the higher revving fan )
  7. Hmmm okay thanks. Ill see what i can do.
  8. Anything else i can do? To lower the temps that is? Just Wondering.
  9. Replace the thermal paste with a high quality one. Can make a couple of degrees difference, maybe just one or none. ( saw someone getting 9 degrees of, but he changed old, dried out paste, so you won't see something that spectacular i think. )
  10. yes... allthough ati based cards tend to run cooler than nvidia 80c is fine... infact taking the mild overclock into consideration 80c is actually ok...
    i can understand your concerns though... the last thing you want is to fry your primary graphics card just for a bit of extra performance... and thats the main reason i never overclock period.. ! ....
    just remember overclocking will shorten the lifespan of your card since its being run at a higher than recommended speed ( as laid down by the manufactuer ) ... however you will probally wonder "then why do they bundle programs such as trixx..and afterburner... well thats so you can overclock your gpu "AT YOUR OWN RISK"
    and thats a message you will see prior to running any overclocking utility...
    your overclock seems fine though.. temps are not insane and more importantly your games are running ok and not crashing... however adding more cooling is a wise idea... i recommend another side fan ( nearer to the bottom of the side panel the better ) and use a pci cooler ( ) ... this attaches to any spare pci slot bracket and can be directed underneath your graphic card(s)
    this model draws hot air from under the card.. however with some tinkering you can reverse the fan so it draws cool air in and directs it over the card ( which in turn will go through the card and exhuast out of the case )
    however another option would be to use a 3rd party gpu cooler .... i recommend the "Arctic Accelero L2 Plus VGA Coole "( ) ... i used this on a HD5750 and it knocked over 10c from the load tempertures... this ( aswell as the overclock ) should bring your gpu temp down to around 68c(approx ).. but then again any reduction in temperture is welcome
    also the "Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo II VGA Cooler "( ) is worth checking out... this with 2 x 92mm fans will cool the HD6770 even better and both these coolers are much quieter than stock coolers
    hope this helps
    good luck mate !
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