Can ISP stop internet sharing?

I've a wired (ADSL) broadband connection, which is connected to my main comp(runs on W7, W8) via an Ethernet. I've second computer(runs on xp) and is connected to my main computer via another ethernet.

The internet sharing ran fine for couple years till on a normal day it stopped just like that. I tried everything to make the sharing whole again but now it's been 6 months and I've pretty much given up. Second comp was formatted with fresh OS many times. On my main comp tried through W7 and W8 differently with different settings. I then followed dozens of tutorial which appeared on google's search. Still no success. I even tried setting up VPN between these two computers.

On second comp, in control panel it says connected to broadband from main computer but in reality no internet app(browser, torrent client etc) find the internet. Other stuff such as file, printer sharing, lan based apps like multiplayer games are working fine.

What could be the problem? Can ISPs have a master kill switch which would stop internet being shared at client side? Or I've missed something?

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  1. Think you missing something. While it is technically possible for an ISP to do such a thing... they would not do it.

    Unless your ISP has a "1 connection... 1 computer" rule - they would not do it. and I cant imagine any ISP has that rule - they would be out of business SSsoooo fast. Most people these days have multiple devices sharing an internet connection (I prob have about 15 devices... 6 PC, 3 iPhones/iPods, 1 Wii, 1 PS3, 1 NDS., 3 Blackberries + visiting friends).
    Normally its done via a router and thats prob the way to go for you.

    So wait for a network guru to reply... they may be able give you a pointer to the problem - but get a router... they not expensive and are SO much more reliable than internet sharing (just dont get Belkin).

  2. ...why not just connect everything to a router, rather then connect from PC A to PC B, and from PC B to the internet?
  3. My router has only one slot.
  4. lockhrt999 said:
    My router has only one slot.

    I doubt thats a "router"... sounds like a modem.... get a router.

    If it really is a router... get a switch (even cheaper than a router)

    If you dont know the difference or what I am talking about... google is your friend :)

  5. nope it's router. The name is TELENET TNDSL 2120 ADSL + (has DHCP server too)
    It has additional USB port. I don't know if it can be used concurrently with LAN port.
  6. Wow... indeed it is.. its a bit old

    So your choices are... get a switch/hub....... or ditch it in favour of a more up to date model which will probably have wireless built it and have 4 (gigabit) ethernet ports as standard.

    Prob best to go to your ISP and see what they recommend... sure they not providing something more modern as standard? you may even get it free from them.

    Anyway... sure you can work it out from here..
  7. That router has a USB port too. I connected main comp to router through USB port, connection is recognized as LAN on main comp. Then I connected second comp to only LAN port of router. Both PCs got ip assigned by router's DHCP, they can share files etc,. So this router is now working as a switch(probably hub) too.

    Now what? When I connect to Internet by putting in username and password provided by ISP, the internet works for only computer from which I dialed the connection. Computers can still share resources but no Internet.

    Edit I have finally got connection sharing running this way. :bounce: I stored username/password in router and it initiated internet. My main comp got internet from USB connection and second comp from RJ45 port of router.

    File sharing speed is down 1 MBPS max thanks to USB interface, but I'm not really bothered about it.

    Thanks for help.

    ps. Is there a way to start/stop internet without actually turning router on/off? (Because my internet plan is time based)
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