Need a good quality PSU in the ~$30 range.

Hello all,

I just bought parts to build my first PC. Its mostly a computer for programming, photoshop, etc. The exact specs are as follows:

i3-3225 w/ HD 4000 (no discrete GPU)
AsRock Pro3-M Mobo
8GB DDR3-1600
Samsung 830 SSD
Two other older HDDs for storage
DVD Drive

The only piece I need is a PSU. Newegg currently has the CX500 for $30. Should I go ahead and get it? I read the Toms Hardware thread on PSUs and it said the CX500's "longevity and safety of this PSU has been called into question."

Please advice!

Thanks much,
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  1. Try going for the TX and TX-M and the GS range of psu's from Corsair. Most of the reviews that I have seen have said that they are reliable. You could also go to their main website and use their psu finder. Most of the psu's which are cheap tend to have a low quality build which when it fails, tends to harm the other PC components so you are better off buying a more expensive psu instead rather than buying yourself a cheap one and having it destroy your entire system.
  2. It's a good deal for the price. You could get an Antec VP-450 which would last longer, and is $36. It's of better quality than the CX-500.

    You wouldn't even need 300W for your build, so the 50W difference is negligible.

    Both are good power supplies, go for whichever one you like.

    You won't need a TX/GS power supply, those have way more wattage than you actually need, since you don't have a graphics card. Antec, Corsair, and Seasonic are some good brands around that price range. The Seasonic ones are better, but have lower wattages at this price point.
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