Sapphire 7970 Issues Recognizing/Sending Signal to 2nd Monitor

I've been running a Sapphire 7970 for many months with 2 monitors for many months. Today, powered up PC and now I am only getting a signal/recognizing one of the monitors. I have checked all the connections, replaced the hdmi and dvi cables and still can only get one working at a time. Everything was working fine this morning. Downloaded updated drivers prior to posting and that did not help. Any ideas?
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  1. Is the problem specific to one of the monitors or to one of the ports on the 7970? That is, when you switch the ports the monitors are connected to, does one monitor stay bad or does whichever one's attached to a specific port on the card not receive a signal?
  2. Ok, I got it working again. Tried another set of cables and got it working. Apparently I replaced one that wasn't working with another that wasn't working. Thanks for the reply and sorry for wasting your time.

    Appreciate the quick reply.
  3. dang lol thats pretty crappy to have happen...luckily you realized both cables were dead I would have sat there and scratched my head thinking that there is no way both of these are goners lol
  4. Sounds good.
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