My Final New Build , need advice

Processor : core i5 3470, motherboard :GA-H77M-D3H
RAM : G.Skill 4GB 1600MHz Ram
500GB WD HDD [ 7200 rpm , 64 MB cache ,SATA 6 GBPS ]
LG Optical Drive
NZXT Source 210 Elite Cabinet
corsair Builder Series 430 x 2 PSU
Samsung 18'5 LEd
2.0 Speaker

Well i dont want to use a graphics card , i dont play video games , i have Keratoconus

Then why i5 3470 well i always wanted to have a third gen ivy bridge core i5 processor .
I am thinking about motherboard, B75 Chipset motherboards are also good ,
they support usb 3.0 ,and other stuff ,
but i am planning to install SSD in future but i heard that B75 are not so good for SSD
Thats why I came here for advice .

Please suggest me a good motherboard ,
and tell me about basic hardware required to build your PC at home

and please rate my current system [ without a graphics card it is still a overkill for me ]
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  1. id suggest this

    it would be easier for you to add a hard drive to a SSD system than to add a SSD to a hard drive system since you dont have to reinstall windows, reactivate windows, and reformat the hard drive so that things can fit onto the SSD. then again, its your choice if you want to go with a hard drive route as of now

    the monitor i chose has speakers. not great but will do the job.
    the case i chose as usb3
    no 500gb drive has 64mb of cache.
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