My computer cannot run games very well.

I don't know much about computers. I was hoping if someone could tell me why my computer cannot run games properly. I am sure it has something to do with my graphics card.
I am willing to buy a new one but I am afraid that my computer cannot handle it or something. (Once again, really bad with computers) I have read some stuff about the power usage and how it might affect my computer speed or cooling. How do I find out which is the issue?

Thanks so much.

PS: I don't even know which category this goes into. SORRY!
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  1. Building one is usually more cost effective for gaming if you're up to it.

    Intel > AMD and any computer that is old generally cannot run games.
  2. For starters we would need to know some things about your computer:

    What OS are you using?
    What make and model is it?
    If it is a white box (home built) or you have made changes, then what hardware are you running? Specifically, what CPU, Ram, and GPU do you have?
    What games are you trying to play?

    Are there any other things it is not doing properly that it should? Or is there any reason to believe that something may be wrong that could be preventing you from playing games?
  3. Yes, please give us more info. We don't a thing about your computer, so you'll have to help us help you. :)
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