How to connect 2 broadband at a time

Hello,how can i connect 2 broadband but 1 ISP provider at single switch hub
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  2. Do you mean connecting 2 computers to a broadband modem using a hub? If so, you can't use both computers at the same time due to network address problems. You need to address the modem from the computer you are using
  3. i have 8 units of pc but im using only one switch hub.i want to use 2 broadband router but the same isp, im confusing how to connect it to switch hub
  4. If you have 8 computers then you need to replace your hub with a router and a switch.

    This would give you modem>router>switch and will allow you to share the internet connection with the 8 computers.

    Depending on your ISP the modem might be a combined modem/router - in which case replace the hub with a proper switch.
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