D865glc onboard video not working

Hello, My onboard video is not working and therefore the computer (that seems to boot-up) will not display anything. I have put in VGA card and tried using this, but it doesn't automatically try it. Because I have no screen, I can't configure and have tried resetting the CMOS. Can the onboard be disabled through hardware and the new one be recognised? Thanks
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  1. Onboard video will be automatically disabled once you put in a dedicated graphic card.
    What VGA card are you using?
  2. I plugged it in and it didn't automatically recognise it. I'm hoping it is the video card as the computer does seem to start. The card is a PCI SIS 315E (model PV-S84A-BR v3.0) 32MB. The card was working in another PC where the onboard was also working, so I took it out to try on this other one.
  3. Do you mean a pop up that shows Found New Hardware or you turn on your computer and nothing is displayed on the monitor?
    If it does not display anything try using the other PCI slot available on your motherboard.
    Do you hear any beep during startup?
  4. Nothing happens at all, the screen says no input. I tried another slot, and noticed that the computer power starts but keyboard and mouse do not come to life, so maybe it is more than the video. There are no beeps on starting.
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