Possible dead mobo?

Hey guys,
This is my second build, and I've run into a problem.
Last night I had everything set up started the system installed win7, and I was installing all my other drivers. Then I wanted to see if I had any audio, I didn't, so I thought I had just plugged the cable into the wrong slot. So I unplug it and then my video cuts off. So I check the video cable to see if it was still in, it was, I check the monitor and it's fine. So I end up touching the power switch and nothing, I hold the power switch for 5 sec, and nothing. Then I end up hold it for other 30 sec nothing, hit the reset button nothing. So my system is still running with no video, and I decide to cut it off and hit the psu switch.

I've been testing the ram(1 stick and no sticks at all) and my mobo isn't beeping anymore with start up.

I don't get any beeps or video with startup, but fans are on. Did I short the system? Please help.

Asrock 970 pro 3 mobo
Amd fx 4170 am3+
16gb of Ddr 3 1600
120gb ssd
500 gb hdd
2x nvidia 550ti
Psu 500w
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  1. The speakers are new or you've used them before? It looks like they fried the board.
    Try disconnecting the power cord, hold the power button for a minute or so then restart.
  2. Had the speakers for a year or so.

    Tried that the fans power up with the lights, but still no beeps or video.
    I've been switching two cards in and out(and yes they do work).
  3. What happens if you start the board with only CPU and CPU fan installed? I guess there is a case speaker connected to the motherboard.
  4. I stripped it and the fans spin(can't tell if there is a cpu light). Yes there is a case speaker.
  5. If no beeps with only CPU and CPU fan installed, then it might be a motherboard issue. I would test again with the board outside of the case. If still the same, I would RMA both the board and CPU, or have them tested at a local shop.
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