Stuck with new video card install

Hi all,

I recently purchased a new graphics card. I didn't think it would be a very big deal to install, but here I am having problems. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

About my system:
+ Windows 7 Enterprise
+ Motherboard doesn't have onboard graphics.
+ Moving from GeForce 8300gs to Radeon 6450 (both are PCIe)

1. I removed my geforce 8300gs video card and installed the 6450 without uninstalling the driver first.
2. I start the computer, the screen is completely black (BIOS doesn't appear).
3. I hit the power button and adjust the card's installation to secure it better.
4. I start the computer. Windows Startup Repair is running. It says it is fixing the problem, and that it might take up to an hour to complete.
5. I leave the house for 2+ hours and it's still in the same loop.
6. I shut down computer.
7. I start computer in Safe Mode. Window 7 welcome screen is displayed. When expecting to see the login screen, I get a black screen with white cursor. I can move the cursor, but nothing else happens.
8. I put my 8300gs back in. I restart the computer. Same thing: I see MS welcome screen, then black screen with cursor.

- The blackscreen with cursor is set to the proper resolution when I have the 8300gs in (which indicates to me that the drivers are loading). The 6450 does not have the proper resolution (and doesn't have the drivers installed.
- I tried booting from a Windows 7 install disk and running Startup Repair again. It says that there isn't anything for it to fix, though suggests a problem may have been caused by the addition of new hardware.
- Doesn't seem to matter whether I use DVI or VGA

Any idea what's going on here? Would this be fixed by a reinstallation of Windows 7? I am able to use Ubuntu on this system with no display problems.

Thanks again, and I'll be happy to provide any additional information if I missed something.
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  1. If you cant boot into safe-mode, then insert 6450 and reinstall windows.

    If there is ubuntu installed on your system, then it will not work again after windows installation.
  2. Thanks for the reply. That's pretty much what I've resolved to do.

    I've been using Ubuntu for the past several days and have grown to like it a lot. I'm going to end up dual booting with a new install.

    Thanks again.
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