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Should I get 560ti 448 core or a different GPU?

I am building a new rig and several friends recommended the 560ti 448 GPU, and I wondered if I should get that or a different one. Thoughts and reasons? I would have the EVGA Z77 FTW 151-IB-E699-KR LGA 1155 Intel Z77 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Motherboard and the Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge 3.5GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) LGA 1155 77W CPU.
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  1. ^^^^
  2. With that rig, it seems like you've got the budget to pick up one of the much higher performing cards like the 7970 or 680.
  3. Actually the entire rig cost only $1600. I'm really wondering though because I can SLI 2 560's, or pay the same price for one 680. I have been told though that the 500 series has fewer problems software wise and that the 600's crash alot and havent been fine tuned yet. The data seems like the 680 is twice as good, but the word of mouth im hearing says otherwise.
  4. I guess an easier question would be, whats the best GPU I can get for around 300-350? Also list reasons or experience please for your opinion. Its the last thing im undecided on before I order the parts.
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    You should get one single gtx 670. SLI has several problems on graphics cards that aren't top of the line, from microstuttering to simply not being supported by some games. You'll see much better minimum framerates with a single gtx 670 or 680 than 2 gtx 560 ti cards.
    I would personally suggest going for MSI's 670 power edition or 680 lightning, both are excellent cards for further overclocking ventures and have cooling solutions that allow it to best asus' directcu II.
    edit: and if you want to keep it in the 300-350 range your looking at the gtx 660 ti for single-monitor setups and the 7950 for multi-monitor setups. Or you can just get the 7950 if you have the extra $30 for the performance boost.
    7950- $330
    660 ti - $310
  6. Ok one more question, (sorry) Im seeing that the 7970 has pretty good specs, but i was told by an IT guy that they are farmore unstable than an Nvidia. Is this something you know to be true?
  7. I've never heard that and I would suspect fanboyism. You really should look for that kind of thing on a per-vendor basis.
  8. It would seem that the 670 has better texel rates and pixel rates than the 7950 3gb does. So far im pretty sold on one 670 for now, and add another one later on.
  9. That's a good idea, but texel/pixel rates are meaningless in the real world. There are many other small factors that work together to give you higher fps like memory bandwidth/latency. How often do you hear people talk about graphics ram memory timings? never, but they exist and affect performance (albeit very minutely).

    It's much more advisable to look at real world comparisons like this:,3200-5.html
  10. I like it. Forget the buddies swearing by the 500 series. Data doesnt lie.
  11. Also, will the 670 fit in the motherboard the same as the 560? Ive never built my own completely so i wasnt sure.
  12. Spartanwarrior said:
    It would seem that the 670 has better texel rates and pixel rates than the 7950 3gb does. So far im pretty sold on one 670 for now, and add another one later on.

    In stock setting that well be true, but with a overclock that can change, and the 7950 has better overclocking abilities according to reviews. I also have a 7950 @ 1000mhz and beat a stock 670, BUt OC is never a guarantee, and to guarantee porformance the 670 is a better choice.
  13. Thanks guys. Im sold on the 670 FTW.
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