Cooling question for two PCs (pic included)

Hey folks, just real quick... both computers are built and fully operational. This is simply a question on if my setup is ok as far as cooling goes.

As you can see, the computers are back to back. I like this because the computers cases themselves create sort of a cubicle effect. Behind me is the man cave, which goes into a sort of open kitchen (counter top overlooks the room) so this gives a sense of privacy. The computers aren't overclocked and the exhaust is putting out cool air.

Any way, I can move the HAF 922 to the other side of the desk if needed, but was looking for opinions on this. What do you think?
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    I suppose it's ok, it's better than front to back (you know, human caterpillar style lol). movie still gives me chills, ugh. Anyway, especially since they aren't OC'd, they should be ok I think.
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