Should I overclock my graphics card?

Hello, I have a gtx 570 doubleshot and was just wondering if it is worth it to overclock it, and if so what is a safe OC? When I play BF3 on ultra @ 1080p I get 35-60ish fps, and my card can get up to 80 degrees. Maybe that is to hot? Or maybe I should just bump the fan speed up?

And also I am wondering why my card is getting up to 80 degrees. I had read reviews before I bought it and people were saying it was a hot card, but I was hoping I would get lucky.
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    no 80c is normal for a 570...and as far as oc'ing goes...go for it man as long as you are careful you cant do any harm...for oc'ing I would def bump up the fan a good tool for this and oc is msi afterburner. here is an article that oc's the 570 to give you an idea where you can get to.
  2. If you're already seeing 80C, it might not bee a good idea to overclock the card. It would only be advisable to overclock if you aren't seeing the fps yo want to get.
  3. Bump up your fan speed, try using MSI Afterburner to adjust the fan speed/curve to lower your temps if you feel concerned , but 80c is normal for the 570 when under load. Adding more fans to your case can also help with ventilation and reducing temps.
  4. Thanks for the replys guys, I will definitely do some experimenting with it.

    And I have the Phantom 410 with 4 140mm fans and 3 120mm fans so idk if ventilation is an issue. Maybe i'll buy another 120mm for the bottom of the case.
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