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Was thinking of upgrading my computer

Alright so i was thinking of upgrading mainly my graphics card but maybe my RAM too.

The thing is my motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P which is Socket 775 and only supports DDR2 memory up to 1033mhz (the specs says 1336mhz but it's limited support).

Here are the specs of my computer for more info:
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
RAM: Corsair XMS2 CM2X2048-6400C5 800mhz
CPU: Intel Quad 2 Core Q9550 2833mhz
Graphics Card: Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 6850 1GB

So i was looking for some advice on a new graphics card and maybe possibly more RAM if needed.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I forgot about my PSU, it's a 620W Antec High Current Gamer.
And just in case, here are the specs for the motherboard just in case,

EDIT 2: Oh yes and another question, does my motherboard supports SSD hard drives?
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  1. yes you can def hook up ssd's to your mobo...just in sata 2 speeds not full sata 3 speeds.....and as far as a graphics card upgrade goes you gotta tell us a budget and the resolution you will be gaming at....right not the 7850/7870 are some of the best bang for your buck cards that will suit your needs fine..really any ddr2 ram would work for your system dont waste your money on expensive ddr2...its old stuff and the prices are inflated too high
  2. Upgrading the platform to the 3570k would net you the best performance boost. You'll start bottlenecking the graphics card around the 7850 and it will no longer be a worthwhile upgrade.
    You're probably best off waiting to upgrade your system when Haswell comes out in the spring.
  3. As it stands, I would upgrade the computer as a whole later. Any more of a GPU is going to result in a CPU bottleneck.

    You COULD upgrade the graphics though and then later just upgrade the rest.
  4. CPU bottleneck? What does that mean exactly? Also, what is that 3570k platform you're talking about?

    And yeah i guess it'd be a good idea to upgrade my whole computer later since socket 775 is pretty old. It just sucks since i'd have to change the cpu as well, i think it's still a pretty decent cpu.
  5. If you don't plan to upgrade the processor for a few years, then I would just stick with the 7770. If you are going to upgrade the processor/mobo in the next year, get a better video card and upgrade the rest later.

    Bottlenecks aren't that big of a deal. Its really just having the video card out-pace the processor in a really hard to explain and complicated way.
  6. Realistically, i'd say maybe next year for a full upgrade or sooner but i'm not sure on that matter. Is the 7770 actually going to make a difference with my 6850 though?

    As for bottleneck, i should be able to understand i mean i work as a tech myself.
  7. Looks like you have 8 SATA ports on that mobo, so adding an SSD shouldn't be an issue at all.
  8. Keep the 6850 for now. You should do a rebuild in the spring when haswell is released.
    A bottleneck is caused when the ratio between cpu snd gpu power is too extreme. For instance, if you ran a gtx 670 with an athlon 2 x2 processor, you would be "bottlenecking" the graphics card with the cpu. Likewise a 3570k driving a gt210 would be the graphics card bottlenecking the cpu because the graphics card is just so terrible.

    In your case your cpu is old enough that modern cards like the 7850 will be held back (bottlenecked) by it.
  9. Hmm yes, i get the picture. Well i might as well wait then. In other words, both pieces of hardware have to follow with each other, otherwise it will slow on another's processing time.

    And what is this Haswell you are talking about?
  10. Haswell is the new line of Intel processors set to come out. The successor of Ivy Bridge, which is the successor of Sandy Bridge, which is the successor of the Clarkdale and Lynnfield, and then there's your Core2Quad.
  11. Oh wow okay cool! Dang i need to catch up on that, i thought Sandy bridge was the latest thing.

    Well, i guess it has been a while since i went to that Intel conference about Sandy bridge hmm...

    But, since it's going to be the new line of CPUs, aren't they gonna be on the expensive side?
  12. When the new processors launch they tend to be around $20 higher than the previous chip at that moment but in relation to the price at launch it is quite consistent recently. Add in $20 more for the right motherboard and you're looking at maybe $40-$50 more for the latest stuff at the absolute maximum.
  13. Hmm i see, that's good to know.

    So i was wondering, even with the bottleneck with a modern graphic card, would it still increase my performances?

    Also, if i overclocked my CPU, would it make less bottlenecking?
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    yes and yes....just bc your cpu will bottleneck a new card doesnt mean that you cant get just wont get 100% of the performance of the could get the new card now and later down the road upgrade your cpu...overclocking would help the bottleneck but how much that can be argued all day
  15. Alright then, well i was contemplating between those 3 cards basically: 7850, 7870 and 660Ti.

    Because the 7900 series (at least the 7950 and 7970) are way too expensive for me.
  16. IMO the 7870 is the way to wont be disappointed.
  17. Well honestly, what i am thinking right now is to get the 120gb SSD and the Gigabyte 670 GTX OC 2gb.

    Gigabyte GeForce 670 GTX:

    120gb SSD:

    My only concerns, except the price of course, are that will it fit in my computer and will i have enough wattage with my power supply for the card and the SSD? (and if i overclock too)

    Just a remainder to be on the safe side :)
    My case is: Antec 900 (
    Power Supply: Antec High Current Gamer 620W (
    Motherboard: Gigabyte ga-ep45-ud3p (
    Current GPU: Radeon HD 6850 1gb (
  18. Your power supply is just fine.
  19. yea the card will fit in the antec 900 no supports up to a 16 inch graphics card....and power supply you will be fine you could get away with a 550watt unit for that card so you have some room to breath or oc too.
  20. Cool, well that's good then! That card with the SSD should make quite the difference overall! And eve more if i can successfully OC my cpu.

    I checked the review for 7 geforce 670 cards on this site, and it seems like the Gigabyte one seems like the best choice out of them all.
  21. gigabyte makes great cards...I would personally go with an EVGA card bc their customer service is great but thats just my brand bias. everyone has their favorites.
  22. Hmm well i must say i'm a bit biased on Gigabyte too hehe. I've had one graphics card and 2 motherboards with them and never had problems related to them, so i do trust them. Never tried EVGA yet, i did hear some good things about them or was it XFX maybe? Not sure haha.

    As for the CPU overclock, i am a bit stuck cause i checked how to reset the BIOS on my motherboard, and i have no jumper on the motherboard to clear the CMOS. So i'm not sure if i really should try to overclock just yet. There is that DualBIOS feature on this motherboard though, just don't know if that really works.
  23. I would wait until you got your new card and you are not getting the performance you expect out of it to OC...but to reset your BIOS settings you can just remove the BIOS battery
  24. Hmm yes i guess that makes more sense, only OC if it doesn't give the intended power heh. Well i guess i'm gonna go with the Gigabyte 670 OC and an SSD drive as an extra!

    I'll let you guys know the results! Thanks a lot for the help!
  25. no problem man sounds like a good choice to me.

    what ssd are you getting?
  26. nice nice that will serve you just that I think about it you may have already posted it lol...sorry getting threads mixed up
  27. Haha no worries there :)

    I must say i am pretty excited to finally try out an SSD!
  28. its like night and day man. when I first got a ssd i about crapped myself at how responsive the OS was.
  29. Hehe certainly good to know that :P

    I keep hearing positive comments on ssd.

    The only bad one i heard is that it doesn't last as long as standard hard drives because theres a 10k writing limit per sector or something like that.
  30. I have had a ssd for like 3 years now (I was an early adopter) and it hasnt had any issues yet...hasnt been on 24/7 since its in my gaming rig...I think that you will be upgrading before its "shorter" lifespan becomes an issue.
  31. Alright then, good to hear that! Thanks
  32. I have a rig similar to the OP's. I have installed a 120 SSD with this board. Any suggestions on settings in the BIOS or tweeks for SSD that I should know about for this combo? Thanks!
  33. I read quite a bit on SSD optimisation and the key thing that keeps coming back is to activate AHCI in the BIOS BEFORE installing the OS. You can do it after but it's more complicated.
  34. Thanks! I'll check into it and see what needs to be done. I have an older processor (wolfdale) and I'm noticing that when I move a cursor to type it has a lag and video is on fast moving videos. I do need a new video card. I'm hoping to get a new one and then wait a few months for a new rig. I want a sabertooth asus board but I need to save a bit first, lol. I thought about upgrading the processor but a better processor is shockingly expensive. I'd rather put that money into a new board and cpu.
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