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I got a Intel I5 2320 3.0 Ghz and 8 Gb of ram and have a free PCI slot for a graphics card. I want a graphics for $150 that could run most of the new games and upcoming games like:
Battlefield 3
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3
Need For Speed The Run
and upcoming games like GTA 5 and Call Of Duty Black Ops.
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  1. If u can up the budget try aim at 7850...........
  2. What is your current psu please list make and model watts doesn't help btw. It's Not Responsible,or in your best interest i give you a recommendation without that info mate
  3. Its a Liteon Power Supply which is 300 watts, it came with the computer.
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    I wouldn't feel somewhat comfortable recommending you any more than a 6670 or 7750 here how they preform The Radeon HD 7750 is the fastest graphics card you can get right now that doesn't require an auxiliary power input; it draws all that it needs from a 16-lane PCIe slot.
  5. You'll need better PSU except low power card like bigcyco1 said..........
  6. If its a Liteon, will your stock case even fit a new GPU?
  7. HD 7770? Check it out!
  8. Please don't buy the OCZ Elitexstream its a horrible PSU. I'd stick with a 7750 until you have more money to spend.
  9. Okay thanks for the help.
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