Best Graphic Card to play Diablo 3 and triple monitor

Hi Guys,

I earlier posted on how to run a triple monitor setup and got great help, thanks for that :)

What I am looking to achieve

Triple monitor display on one graphic card (One TV and 2 1080p monitors of which one only has DVI)
I am not interested in triple monitor gaming, will use one or at most 2 monitors , I need the triple monitor setup for work/watching movies.
The only game am Interested in is Diablo 3 (I am very weird, I have a ps3 and xbox and I have played only about 10 games in the last 5 years, so I play a few I like, I used to play Diablo 2 as a kid and I wanna try diablo 3)

What I have
GT440 Nvidia Currently, I was planning on buying a GT210 to just run the 3rd display
I have a 600W power supply
Lynnfield i7 2.93ghz (turbo boost upto 3.6)
2x2gb and 2x4gb Corsair XMS-1600 (runs at 1333 1.5v can switch to 1600 1.65v)
96gb ssd Kingston

Why this question
Since am going to buy a new GT210 to power the 3rd monitor, I was wondering if I should get a card that provides better graphics and powers 3 monitors on its own, what would be the card recommended

If you are in a hurry please just leave a model number as reply and I will google stuff, I just need to know where to start

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  1. Diablo III is said to work better with NVidia, but if you want to power 3 monitors at once, i don't think that configuration will work by adding a second card that doesn't match. i believe it'll add its own signal, and not be tied into NVidia Surround, therefore you'll still be getting a two monitor setup in game. as far as using a single card, that depends on what you plan on spending.
  2. Am willing to spend upto $400 bro

    Let me clarify

    3 monitors

    1. TV - to watch Movies and TV Shows
    2 & 3 - 1080p monitors for video editing and stuff

    I dont need 3 monitors to game

    But if am upgrading for Diablo3 Id like to buy a card that supports 3 monitor setup so that I can sell my gt440

    Any recommendations?
  3. If I'm hearing correct. You are willing to spend up to $400 on a graphics card to power 3 displays and play D3.

    If it was 6 months ago I'd recommend the GTX 670 at ~$400.
    I bought one and I love it.

    Today I'd recommend the GTX660 that will be out any day now for about ~$350.

    The other good alternative would be anything above the AMD 7850 series. So the 7870, the 7950, and 7970 are all in the the game. All depends on price. If you're just going to be doing D3, then I'd say get the cheapest one here, the 7850. It's quiet and performs well enough for D3.

    At the end of the day, I say the GTX 660 is the best bang for the buck.
  4. if the Zotac 670 AMP! Edition was still at $415, i'd say go with that, since it has a near 1200mhz boost and a core overclock of almost 1100, with a memory clock of 1650. but the problem is, is that with that card, you have to have a crap load of room to even run one card, since its a triple slot, and contains heatpipes that stick out. otherwise, a 660ti should work for you. i'd say that, that particular 670 would have been an awesome card to have, but i didn't wait for it any longer [price went back up anyways], and instead i went for a 7970 vapor-x for its 3GB of VRAM and easy swap set up for eyefinity layout when i had my 5870 Vapor-X do it, then eventually bought a second one.
  5. The kepler cards. 660 ti/670/680 can power 4 monitors out of the box and will eat up diablo 3.

    At this point I would suggest a 7950 since it a good card that's cheaper than a 670 and performs the same if not better depending on the games. It will also power the monitors you want as well. However you do need to look for a card that includes an active displayport adapter since AMD cards need to use that to run 3 monitors. Good Luck.
  6. Thanks for the info guys all these all these cost $600+ here in India, this is weird :(
  7. Hows the 6950? is that any good?

    These are all about $300-$350

    XFX ATI Radeon HD 6950 1GB DDR5 - HD-6950
    Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 7850 - 2GB DDR5

    At around $500
    Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 7870 - 3GB DDR5

    Any thoughts guys? Am sitting in front of my pc waiting for replies :D
  8. The 6950 will be able to do everything you require.

    I assume you mean this?

    Single monitor gaming
    2 other monitors/tv doing work?
  9. yup that and Diablo 3 at 1080p
  10. Any of the new Radeon 7 series cards from the 7770 up should be able to handle this configuration and max diablo. I run a 7950 with 4 monitors. I can game on one (yes I play diablo 3) while watching 1080p vidoe on another monitor, tv on another, and still have tasks running on the 4th. Diablo isnt that intense a game graphically so you dont need the greatest card out to run it. Look at a 7850 for a good mid-range card that should last a few years, or look for a 7950 or up if you wanna go all out.
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