Would a 2nd video card help with my random computer freezes?

Hello I have a m17x Alienware laptop. I like to play online games and it was running fin for the 1st year. Around last year my computer randomly started to freeze for like 30secs - 1min when either im playing games or watching movies. Before you guys suggest virus scanners and all that jazz ive already done it and i have nothing and its fairly clean. I talked to some dell "specialists" and their telling me my ATI MOBILITY RADEON HD 4870 is the best for my system at the time. Now i know theres a newer version out there but it processes the same. So my question is would adding another video card to my laptop stop these random freezes im encountering? if yes should i just replace and get 2 new ones or just add another? thanks in advance for the help! :)
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  1. Unless there are hardware issues with the graphics card you currently have then you won't see any benefit changing out the graphics card. I would recommend installing windows from scratch and seeing if it helps the freezing. If it does you'll be good to go.
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