Will a touch screen Monitor work perfectly with Windows 8?

The description says it is only designed for Windows 7. But you never know , may work perfectly with Windows 8 or they may release a driver for it , best to wait till Windows 8 is released if you want touch screen. just to be sure.
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  1. I do not know exactly where to put this thread.

    If I am going to buy a touchscreen LCD monitor for my desktop , will it work perfectly and smoothly with Windows 8? Will it support all the touchscreen functionality and features in Windows 8 just like the upcoming ultrabooks?
  2. Yes, if it works with Windows 7, it will work with Windows 8. However, it does not give you the best Windows 8 touch screen experience. Windows 8 supports up to 10-point touch (i.e., two hands with all 10 fingers). The current crop of cheap (i.e., under $400) touch screen monitors do not have that capability - they usually offer up to 3-point touch. Another issue I have with current crop of monitor is that they don't have a smooth edge (like those of iPad and Android tablets). They are more like other screen with a raised bezel. Planar just announced a 27" screen with 10-point touch. It's listed at $800. It looks real good on paper, but nobody really "touched" it yet.
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