Final check - australian gaming build

Hey. About to purchase my build to following specs after any final advice/comments on it.

I already have the graphics card that is in the specs. I have a ATX 760W power supply I recently bought, that I plan to use and that isn't in the specs.

[edit] No plans on OC'ing.

Pc preferences: gaming, surfing net/listening to music, watching movies

Going to purchase windows 8 as an OS, can get it for $100. The specs without the graphics card is 890, $30 shipping. So total cost is $920 + $100 OS. So spending $1020 all up.

Any thoughts/advice on anything would be welcome. Cheers.
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  1. If you're planning on hardcore gaming, you can tone down the processor (anything above 3.2 GHZ , you can always overclock, is enough because anything higher wont have a significant effect on performance), and try gettin a 7950 or a gtx 660, or if you're feeling rich, a gtx 670
  2. There is no advantage to using a 3770 k over the 3570K for your usage
    and if you definitely wnt overclock just get the 3570 [ no K ]. Same part , but no overclocking .

    You dont even need 8 gig of RAM for gaming , or any other use you have listed , but it does add some headroom , Drop to 2 x4 gig . Make sure its rated for 1.5 volts

    Those changes should free up enough cash to buy you a much better current generation graphics card radeon 7950 or GTX 660 ti
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