Server Ram, Anyone if PC2-5300p is backward compatible with PC2-3200R

Hi All,

Both PC2-3200R (400Mhz) and PC2-5300P (667Mhz) are ECC Registered types of RAM, mainly used in Servers. Please dont tell me they are different types of memory because they are same.

What I would like to know is if PC2-5300P is backward compatible on a server that uses PC2-3200R.

Example HP Proliant DL145 G2

Crucial seems to think so as they advertise PC2-5300 ram as suitable for the machine in question, heres the link

Have Crucial got it wrong or are HP afraid to tell to customers to use faster backward compatible memory?

Replies needed ASAP, Thanks

PS Also anyone know they changed from the "R" to the "P", as with DDR3 they are know back to "R"
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  1. Should work perfectly fine.
    Though the speed will be limited to whatever the motherboard can support.
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