Best budget oriented GPU for under $150

I am building a system for my grandkids and would appreciate opinions on the best budget oriented gaming card. Objective: Best GPU for under $150, with preference for under $125.

Current build specs:

Intel i3 3220 (New IB CPU)
ASRock Extreme 4 Z77 mobo
Antec Dark Fleet 35 Case
XClio 750 W PSU
GSkill Ares 1600 RAM 8 GB
Crucial C300 SSD 128 GB

PCI 3.0 would be good, but if I can't get something (PCI 2.0 or 3.0) that I think is up to specs then I'll cannibalize the dual SLI GTX 470s (in my current gamer) to use one in the new build.
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  1. If you can stand to wait for a rebate, this would put you at $135 in the end:

    After the rebate, it's a good deal for a factory OC'd card made by a solid company.
  2. It's a good card at a good price, but I'd just as soon cannibalize the SLI GTX 470s to get the same (or better) performance.
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    I hear you, but then you give up the SLI on your system.
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