No red color on monitor, poor sound after move (Solved vga adapter)

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So I'm always on the road for work. I also like to play bf3, so I lug my pc around with me. I've never had a problem before but after the last move, no red color on monitor and sound output seems to only put out low bass end tones. I plugged the monitor and speakers into a laptop and they were fine. Does anyone have any suggestions before I tear down and rebuild everything?

Gigabyte ud4p mb, core i5 750, gtx 260, corsair 650 psu
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  1. if the monitor you use work with the laptop i would check the gtx 260 since you carry it around lok if there is not something loose in the case or the card itself need to be test in another system
  2. I should have mentioned i pulled out the gpu and made sure it was in right. visual inspection and wiggled wires. I dont have access to another computer to test the gpu (good idea) but i could probably swing it by geek squad or something.
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    try to have a friend test it on is system for you
  4. apparently the vga to dvi adapter was bad. it only worked on the laptop cause they were both dvi. I could not/cannot see anything visually wrong with the adapter, no bent pins etc. sound issue was unrelated (cheap speakers). thank you scout 03.
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  6. been a pleasure to help you.
  7. This ended up being a problem with the VGA port on my PC... I recently installed a GPU for the "first time" and noticed it was not displaying red. It shows up fine through HDMI... It was a new GPU and the install did not go as smoothly as it could have, so I think it was something I did...
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