How to share windows 7 wifi via ethernet with OSX LION (no wifi)


I'm have difficulty getting this running. Primary computer is Win 7 with only a wifi internet connection. I have a Hackintosh running OSX LION. but no wifi capability. I can connect the two via a router Ethernet to ethernet.

I get close but most youtubes etc, discuss sharing a wired internet via wifi sharing.

I need the internet connection to update software, and transfer video files from PC to Final Cut on LION.

I keep putting this off but really need to get both systems talking ro each other. I'd also like to be able to file share.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Update: My internet oin win 7 is via a USB Alfa wifi adapter. I noticed the built in Ethernet on the PC was disabled. When I enabled it, I lost at least my web internet access. I was still connected to the net via the wifi. Only when I disabled thew Ethernet, my web access via wifi returned. Is it only one or the other? Can both be enables at the same time?

  2. here is what might be worth trying:

    disable the DHCP on the router.

    now disconnect the network cable and enable the network card.

    connect to the internet via your wifi connection

    in the Network and Sharing Center you should be able to set up ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)

    once setup connect the network cable again and you should be able to share the internet through your router
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