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I was having issues with my optical drive and foolishly followed the advice of Emachines tech support. I performed a system restore to original factory settings that was supposed to move my user files to c:/backup. It all failed. My computer now gets stuck on "Windows is loading setup files" or something, and the. I get a dialogue box saying installation failed and would continue after restart.

I have tried using a system recovery disc, and get the same issues. I have tried to get it to boot in safe mode, last known good, and get the same error and restart cycle. Memory tests show no issues and I am at my last wit because there were important documents and photos I can't ever get back. I do have a backup drive but it was a few hundred gigs too small, and so I couldn't backup everything I need. Please help!!
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  1. Sounds like the hard drive is having some issues. It probably needs scanned for errors. It will hopefully fix any bad sectors during the scan but you most likely will have to reinstall windows after the drive is fixed or replaced.

    What I would do in your situation is boot using a Live CD, the one I use is Ubuntu. Put it in your DvD drive boot from it and run it fro the disc do not install it to your hard drive or you may over write some files. After you boot from CD you will have a working desktop, navigate to your files, and backthem up on a thumb drive, when you know all your precious is saved you can try reinstalling windows. If you need help PM me.
  2. Thanks for your response and time. I will be trying to purchase a larger ext hd and use your idea. I have a boot cd for Ubuntu in my desk somewhere....I hope.
    I did the memory check several times with no issues popping up though. So until I get an ext hard drive I'm just staring at the same cycle of install failed, holding back tears of failure.
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