Plz build me a gaming pc

Hello, I have been on the WoW scene for quite some time, due to monetary limitations my pc has always been sub-par. I now wish to KILL WoW. It is the only game I am playing. I have done hours of research but all my tech knowledge is self attained and i definitely dont know what would be best for me. I am good with my hands and follow directions very well so I will probably be attempting to assemble the rig myself, although I have never done so before. I have a rough idea of what I want:

Approx Purchase Date: mid-december

Budget: I would like to stay around 800, but I realize I may need to go up since I need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and OS..

Usage: Gaming

Monitor: Need

Keyboard/ Mouse: Need

OS: Need

Preferred Website: Any, newegg if i have to pick

Location: Toledo, OH

Parts Pref: I would like an Intel, because I hear WoW is very dependent on the processor. But if I could save a substantial amount of money for equal performance from amd, I would definitely entertain the idea. I hear good things about gigabyte and asus, but ofcourse open to professional opinion as well.

Overclocking: Probably wont, seems complicated and risky to me
SLI/Crossfire: probably wont need

Monitor Resolution: You tell me

Additional Comments: I'd like at least an i5 or better, i'd like a ssd and small hdd- dont need a ton of space for additional storage, also need a good card for wireless internet. as stated before i will probably be putting this together myself for the first time, so a full tower would probably be easier having more room to work in. my budget could go up if need be, but time increases adversely. having my build date a month away. i would really appreciate it if someone would take the time to help me out with this. thank you!
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  1. something like this would play everything at ultra just saying

    if you want a i5, you can get one, but at the expense of GPU performance. same goes for the SSD
  2. For just gaming, that build above is perfect.
    This would work fine with some OCing. the reason for the low-end gpu is because wow is more cpu demanding and the gpu gets 40-50 fps maxed out (Cata and Panda)
  4. If you're going to go with a 550Ti, you may as well go for the 7770 that is more powerful and efficient and the better overall card.
  5. If wow is all you play A AMD 5800k should handle all your needs but if you want to play better games I would recommend a Intel Pentium 6860 and gpu getting a AMD 7850 total would be 240 or so for that CPU and gpu
  6. Don't get a full tower not worth the money a cooler master haf 912 is pretty big and cheap for a mid tower case
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