HELP - Crashing, Freezing, VPU RECOVERY MSI HD 6670 DDR5

I bought my new Video Card Powercolor Radeon HD 6670 2gb 128bit DDR3, but i keep getting this " VPU Recover" message... I already updated my VC driver, still no improvement. I'm very naive in hardware thingy, so pls can anyone advise me on this.
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  1. Do you still have the old card (or on board)?

    Can you pull your new card and try the old way and see if it works?

    If possible try your new GPU in another computer.
  2. Please state all your specs, motherboard, powersupply etc. Or your pc's brand/model.
  3. What OS do you have ? Windows XP ? What CCC version are you on ? CCC 12.8 ?
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