hello, i wanted to ask the advice of you guys for a new build i already have the build componets in mind and am asking for maybe better choices in the components or prearrangement for the best possible combination of the components, i am looking toward an Intel build moving away from AMD, just thought i should try something new ive never built a Intel pc neither am i a fan boy i love both sides of the playing field, so with out further ado the components i wanted to get for the new build are below
my budget will be 1600$ max

1.CPU [ ]--will use stock cooler for now
2. MOBO im not sure what motherboard, i want the best possible one for that cpu(feature rich/ overclockers dream/reliability/usb 3.0 etc etc. all the up to date stuff)
3.PSU [ ]
4.SSD(2) RAID 0 MAIN OS [ ]
5.GPU [ ]------possibly another in crossfire in crossfire later

and on another note the main purpose of this build is extreme gaming/overclocking/CS6 master collection stuff(editing)/ that kind of stuff
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  1. it helps if you use the format suggested in the thread at the start of the forum about how to ask for advice
  2. Outlander_04 said:
    it helps if you use the format suggested in the thread at the start of the forum about how to ask for advice

    This, there is a reason why it exists as well, alot of people here are lazy, and won't help you if you don't tell us the exact parts your throwing in it, along with working links, they won't help you, such as me, except your being a bit vague with it.
    But while i'm replying, I guess I'll help you with some of those....

    First of all, you want a Z77 Motherboard if there is any serious overclocking.
    Since your link to the CPU is broken, I can't tell if its AMD or Intel, most likely Intel, Intel's stock coolers suck, get a Hyper 212, the PSU checks out, since you are doing crossfire with 7970's the least you would need is a 750w PSU, but 850 leaves a little wiggle room, don't get a DVD Drive, go with an All-in-one, because the most common form of physical storage will be by disc, Blu-ray will be useful, (Just got your link for the CPU to work), You don't need an i7 for any extreme gaming, an i5 3570k will be sufficient, it matches up with any i7 in any game, easy, in some it performs better as well, Get a Hard drive, SSD's are cool, and you definitely have the room for them, but you will run out of space too fast with them, basically just your OS and a few games should be put on an SSD.

    Too tired to do anymore currently.
  3. sorry about that guys i admit i was being lazy especially at 1:30am lol well here i will start over to give you guy a break hopefully

    Approximate Purchase Date: 3-4 months from now

    Budget Range: 1000-1600(+-)

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: extreme gaming, surfing the internet, watching Bluray movies, editing video and photoshop

    Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS, 2T HDD for storage

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts:,

    Country: U.S. Houston, TX

    Parts Preferences: Intel CPU preferably ivy bridge K series, AMD 7970 , MOBO preferably ASUS or other well known and has to be very overclockable,feature rich nice looking

    Overclocking: definite yes

    SLI or Crossfire: Yes in the future

    Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

    Additional Comments: i really want it to be a hell of a rig, i plan on having a daily OC of 4.0-4.5Ghz, and want it to be clean so a choice in a case has to have very good cable management i also would like to have a modular for i think it would really help with that, i basically want to have one HELL OF A RIG.

    this is the wishlist of what i would like to have in the computer as far as parts feel free to add or midify to what you think will be more i guess "better"
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