AMD 6670 DDR3 or DDR5

Hello guys I am deciding whether or not to go for the SAPPHIRE AMD 6670 DDR3 or the HIS AMD 6670 DDR5. I will be doing some light gaming, CoD4, Minecraft, MAYBE, Unlikely but maybe in the future BF3 on LOW on my tv at 1920x1080 (around 20inch screen). I will be using a Celeron g530 as my processor.

HIS AMD 6670


The main problem I have is that if I need or should get the DDR5 6670 I need to go with this case to stay on my budget. --Case

If the Sapphire AMD 6670 DDR3 is fine then I can get a nicer looking case because the Sapphire 6670 is cheaper. --Case

Please help me out. Thanks!
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  1. Go with the GDDR5 version. I don't want to sound rude or anything, but a case won't run games for you no matter how good it looks.
  2. I know that, I informed you why I needed to get different cases, (budget) its just that the other case only has 1 80mm or 90mm fan and its smaller and just isnt that good in terms of the airflow and cable managment. I plan on upgrading in the future so I may just go with the Sapphire 6670. I only plan to play CoD4, and Minecraft, remove BF3 from the list. Would the DDR3 still be fine?
  3. It will, but keep in mind that GDDR5 is nearly twice as fast as DDR3. That's the sacrifice you'll be making. I guess it's OK if you'll be upgrading in the near future, but if you're just going for the DDR3 to be able to afford the case- it's not worth it.

    Also, on a personal sidenote- my rig is in a 6 year old case with no airflow at all, excluding some holes on the side panel. No fans except those on the CPU, GPU and PSU and I don't mind. Idle temps are 32-39 degrees celsius and load temps are 73 degrees at max. The cases you've chosen are both lightyears ahead of mine so you'll be fine with any one of them.
  4. A 6670 DDR3 1GB card will play BF3 on medium settings at 1080p and high settings at 1440 x 900 or lower. Specs on this system - Intel I5 2380P, Asus P8H61-M, 8GB DDR3-1866, Saphire 6670 1GB DDR3

    The DDR5 version is about 20% faster at higher resolutions than the DDR3 version. The DDR3 card you linked to is the same card that I have. I have 3 of those cards and each has been able to overclock to 925Mhz core and 1000Mhz on the memory. The DDR5 version is showing as out of stock btw.

    Here is a link to a video I made showing the 6670 DDR3 running BF3 at stock speeds.
  5. Thanks guys youve helped me a lot! I will be sticking with the DDR3 6670 and maybe upgrade later in a couple years. Im going to get a Celeron for my first build so I guess I should upgrade that first and then the 6670 in the future.
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