Sites that compare different Manufacturer's cards (7870)?

I recently sold my 6870 ($110) and am looking to get a new card (running off my 2500k for now). I'm leaning towards a 7870 as they aren't much more than the 7850, but I don't really know how the different brands compare. Most of the cards on NewEgg are the OC Edition and have similar clock speeds and have at least 2 fans. I don't really know how else to compare them. I was leaning towards a XFX one, but that was just because it's cheap ($240 AR) and has two DVI ports which is what I use. Any sites that would do a more in depth comparison, or links to any articles? Thanks.
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  1. Just go for XFX, sapphire, MSI, HIS. Stay away from Asus.
  2. Haha. That's awesome. I was gonna ask about this one:

    It's $225 AR on Amazon.
  3. Not sure if it's true, but i did read somewhere the new 7xxx series and Asus ain't working that well.
  4. Hmm. I'll have to look into that. The Asus is substantially cheaper. $225+Sleeping Dogs+No tax would save me a lot.
  5. I just bought this Sapphire 7870 for $245 after rebate. It came with Sleeping Dogs and Dirt Showdown, even though Dirt wasn't advertised. It works great so far.
  6. But with tax it ends up being like $40 more.
  7. GreenDutchAlien said:
    Just go for XFX, sapphire, MSI, HIS. Stay away from Asus.

    There's nothing wrong with asus, they have a pretty good cooler and usually it's a bit cheaper than the twin frozr for almost the same performance.
  8. I know Asus was very much ok in the past, but did read some bad reviews about the Asus 7xxx series, could have been the 7950 though.
  9. What reviews I could find of the Asus 7870 were good. Seemed like the only negative was power and price, but as its the cheapest right now that isn't a negative. I ended up ordering it. 1-4 weeks for shipping though. I'll just cancel if I find something better.
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