Kind of torn between building my own pc and ordering from Cyberpower.

Please read this :)

So Cyberpower has some pretty nice deals going on for Black November and after configuring something, I find it is a few bucks cheaper on cyberpower than it would be for me to build myself.

Now, for a LONG time, I have been thinking about building my own computer, but I confess that the prospect scares me. What if I do something wrong and accidentally damage a part? What if by some freak accident the power supply goes out and fries some other parts? Even if I'm using a well-reputed brand, there always seem to be a few 1 star reviews claiming that it fried a motherboard or something. I know a lot of the worries I have are groundless or unlikely, but the fact is, when I build on my own, everything is up to me. I'm pretty much on my own. If I screw something up, or a random accident occurs, it will be two years before I can get another shot at building a pc (I'm in highschool and have way to much schoolwork to do to maintain a job)
Whereas if order a prebuilt, I get a warranty and coverage, etc. If something malfunctions, I just send the pc back to get fixed.

On the other hand, building the pc on my own will provide me with a very valuable experience and will break the ice for future upgrades/builds. Any advice? If you had the option to order a prebuilt for less than it would cost to build it yourself, would you? Or would you consider the experience of building a first pc too valuable an opportunity to pass up?
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  1. Just know that by posting in these forums the only answer your going to get is "build it yourself" :lol:.

    Its fairly hard to break computer components, everything plugs into one place and to try otherwise would require breaking the connectors. Though still be careful when handling them, HDD's don't like being dropped.
    If a component fails and/or knocks out another component in the process of failing, then the insurance on the item will cover it and any damages it causes. As long as you don't do anything that will invalidate the warranty, you should be fine.

    Pre-builts do have the advantage of a full build warranty, but each component in a homebuilt will have its own warranty. My 24pin ATX extension cable has a 12 month warranty (which I have had to use actually, one of the wires was loose when I got it), so anything in the rig will have some kind of warranty.
    Also you are not completely on your own. These forums help lots of people who have broken hardware and other PC issues all the time.

    Definitely recommend building your own. You can have it exactly the way you want and you know the parts and workmanship inside is quality. On a pre-built you cant even pop open the case without invalidating the warranty.
    Researching the parts, getting the components and putting it together yourself makes it a much more personal experience. Theres no sense of satisfaction from plugging in a pre-built and getting to the desktop, while getting a custom machine to POST the first time is amazing (and gives reason to scream "ITS ALIVE!". I know I'm not the only one who do's).

    Fully expect that after building a machine you will become the "tech guy". People will come to you for help in matters computer and any issues between technology and parents will have to be solved by you.
    Such is the life of a tech enthusiast.
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