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i have an a8m2n-la motherboard. i just took out the athlon 64 and put in an athlon 64 x2 4050e. Hp says it is supported, however once i boot my machinei cannot see anything on my monitor and my ps/2 or usb mouse/keyboard aren't working. this is frustrating because my computer was working fine an hour ago. i am at a loss for how o fix this situation.
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  1. Put your old processor back in (if you haven't already). Make sure you have the version of BIOS (or a later version) required for your new CPU's support. You should be fine with the lastest BIOS update. Load the updated BIOS, try again.
    my best guess here
  2. alright i have installed the latest bios update, i reinserted the athlon 64 x2 and it will start then give me one short beep then a long one...i updated my bios directly from to the latest version, and my mobo works perfectly with the athlon 64 single core in it.
  3. I have just become aware that there are two very different motherboards known as the A8M2N-LA put out by HP (made by Asus). One is the Nodus - there are many variations of the Nodus but they should all support your new CPU
    the other is the Naos which does not support your new CPU
    Is it possible you are on a Naos version - If you have only two SATA ports, likely it's a Naos
  4. nope i have a nodus, i double checked. it is possible that i must upgrade my bios further but i cant find a version on that is later than 3.10, which is what i have.
  5. I'm going to let you check out this thread, a little too much reading for me - and it's all over the place as far as what works according to the posters
    Hp is very strange on this one.
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