Is there something im missing with these two 7850?

has anyone have any knowledge as to why this sapphire 7850OCL is so much cheaper than the regular one?

this one is 199 with free ship plus a 10 dollar rebate plus i have a coupon valid until 9/18 for another 10 dollars off making this card ~$180 plus its overclocked

then the regular one is about 200 after rebate plus 6 bucks for shipping.

am i missing something here? did they have problems with the overclocked ones and i dont know about it? or is this just a good deal? what say you!!??
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  1. just a good deal it seems, the fans on those cards look nice too, kinda like sythe's or somthing.
  2. It's probably just my card, but I've had nothing but problems with the drivers. In fact, I'm returning my Gigabyte 7850 back tomorrow. So definitely google about the drivers before you purchase.
  3. So much cheaper? There's a $10 difference after rebate.
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