New homebuilt PC wont turn on

Hey guys, Just finished building myself a media pc for home use.

Ive connected everything up, hit the power button and nothing happens, the motherboard has a green standby light showing, I've ensured that the 24pin mobo and 8 pin CPU power cords are connected properly (even tried the double 2x4 pin CPU power cord), Ive tried switching the Power SW/reset SW pins around and swapping the ports to ensure they plugged in correctly. I even tested other power sw/reset sw cords from my old case that I know works. still not result.

failing all that, I decided to completely unplug everything and attempt to just run the mobo, cpu and psu to see if i could narrow down the issue, same thing happened (absolutely nothing :cry: )

I then tried switching out the psu for an older one, still made the standby light on the mobo light up, still nothing happened

I had the tiny 4 pin speaker connected the whole time, no beeps were heard at all.

I have checked and re-checked and checked again that all the cords are plugged into the correct place, I am stuck and dont know what else to do, I think the issue may be with my motherboard.

Any further steps that could assist me in fixing or find the issue would be appreciated.

-- Current Specs --
Seasonic M12 II Bronze 520W
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB)
Intel Core i3-3220
gigabyte GTX 260
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    toggle the PSU switch then press the power button. repeat. then make sure your power button is connected or try any on board power button. reset the CMOS. pull the CMOS battery, short it and replace. Triple check all connections. It's gonna be some thing simple unless you did something outlandish.
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  3. Thank you so much abbadon_34, reseting the cmos did the trick. boots up and all now. I was pulling out my hair in frustration and such an easy step to resolve this. Thanks again
  4. Glad to help
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