My old GTS 8800..

Hey you guys, i really need some help with my old GPU

so. Its kind a broke and i need a new one, and btw i really liked the 8800 GTS from Nvidia and i would like to replace it with something new and just as good

The budget is around 70 euros + -
i have been looking at this

but im not sure. keep in mind that this card do not need to run games like BF3, but more like Amnesia, and Slender : D

Hope you can help me.. : )
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  1. There are no new Nvidia cards worth buying at the moment (and I'm not a fanboy; my main has a Nvidia card in it)

    Nvidia has no good low-price options from Nvidia at the moment. AMD has the realm really.

    I would go for that. It has very good performance for its price.
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