Crossfire on Sapphire 6870 vapor X 2 GB

Hi everyone. I have this card for almost 2 years I guess. My system is as follows :
MB P5Q pro turbo
CPU Q6600 @ 2,4 (FACTORY settings)
4 GB ram (1 x 4 - 1033)

I can actually play everything I need, which is pretty much of the time BF2 in project reality MOD. eventually some COD MW3 or BF Bad company 2 or BF3.
As much as I can remember, everything is max out, and I might get some minor slow downs eventually , but doesn't impact on the overall enjoyability, even on MP.
I have been looking to buy a new or even used 6870 vapor x 2gb to cross fire with mine for even better performance and future use, but even sapphire told me they could not help, since its out of the market for a while.
So, can I just buy a XFX 6870 2 GB and crossfire it with mine ? I even found some vapors 1 GB. Would it be any good for me ?
Please guys , any experience on this would help a lot.
Thanks in advance
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  1. You can cross it with any 6850 or 6870 1 or 2 gb model ,any manufacturer..i would go with a 2 gb since thats what you have already..
  2. What power supply are you running? What resolution?
  3. you'll be okay with the XFX 6870 2GB card, if one happens to be factory OC faster then the other by a couple Mhz they'll both just run at the slower speed. so if ones a 910Mhz and the other is 950Mhz they'll both run at 910Mhz. if you Bought a 1 GB card, be it a vapor x or otherwise) your CF config would run with only 1GB of memory instead of 2GB!

    so make sure you get a 2GB!
  4. I have an OCZGXS 850. I usually put resolution to its max. Its 1920x1200 in desktop. If I'm not wrong I play some games at 2500 x something.
  5. Dude it's oc time on that Q6600 bigtime of you hope to enjoy that crossfire because you will be cpu bound in a terrible way.
  6. Well, I had Donne some 3 GHz overclock that made some difference only in bad company 2 and some in cry sis too. As I live in Brazil and room temperature would get to 25- 30 degrees Celsius, I don't feel comfortable operating in over clock all the time. I use PC for the last 18 years and since we first had access to voodoo (the old 3dfx boards, that started video acceleration) I have always Donne right holding the CPU for more time than would be expected , because for playing games the video power is the main bottleneck in most situations. I have had this same CPU since my log gforce8800 gt. When I charged to 6870, I had no limits to whatever was on the market. When arms 3 come , I will probably try to change my system. If you think right, I have to change every piece of my system since I have DDR2. I'll need CPU , memory and mobo. And by the time , why not say another VGA as well. Thinking in this way I might even not do the crossfire now because the VGA might be out of date than. Let's see.
  7. A large cpu cooler could take you to 3.2 or more if you are lucky,

    In toronto canada during the summer I have to drop my oc's in half if not completely due to humidity
    sounds weird but yeah it gets super hot here in the summer 40 C or more with humidity
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