Why does my Netgear wireless modem disconnect when another WLL modem comes onlin

I have set my WLL modem to connect automatically to my laptop when switched on. It does connect and work well until there is another modem in the neighborhood coming online. The task bar icon shows I am still connected but the connection is gone. I tried troubleshooting the network, reconnecting from laptop giving the passkey, log off and log on but none of these work, except restarting the modem. This has become a pain and has been so since I purchased this 4 months ago. How do I solve this issue? Is there a setting change that can be done?
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  1. I sought expert help and had this problem sorted out. He connected my laptop using cable, configured WEP instead of WPA and gave a hexadecimal password. Also changed the channel settings from auto to one of the twelve channels. Now even when other networks are in the range, this does not affect my laptop. Problem solved..! :)
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