What the hell is with these borders?


I've been playing about with CCC settings for about two hours and I'm no further :( . So basically I have a Panasonic 1080p 60Hz 42inch plasma connected via HDMI to my HD 6970. When I first plugged my PC into my TV there was a black border, going probably about three inches into the screen. So I moved the overscan slider (CCC) over to 0% (as far as it will go) and it reduced the boarder to about two centimetres. This is allot more than it sounds... its only ever on the left or right side and if you look really close it moves from left to right very slowly. Meaning when it moves to one side it cuts some off the other.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Is the screen supposed to move slowly? And can i close that 2cm gap?

Would really appreciate some help.. at the moment i can't really use my PC until i fix this.

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  1. Is the TV the only monitor connected to PC?
    What resolution is set in CCC panel for the TV?
    What does the TV say when you switch it on hdmi input, does it show 1080p as the accepted signal?
    Maybe the TV is set to some strange aspect ratio like 14:10?
  2. Ok i did a reboot and it solved it but... Oh. my. god. Ive just discovered something and i don't know whether I'm happy or sad.

    So for almost two years I have been playing games on this TV with the same PC. I have just done a fresh install and I remember now when i first set it up two years back I had the border problem but I used the panasonic overscan feature which zooms the picture in which lowers the picture quality... i have been doing this instead of using the CCC overscan feature... so basically for the past two years every game I have ever played has been in fairly low quality and i had no idea! Now I have used this overscan feature all my games look so different! I knew the overscan feature zoomed and probably lowered the quality but I never though it would have such a big impact and this was two years ago.. i played around with my TV settings and had no idea what i was doing.

    So Skyrim has gone from an average looking game to awesomeness. I moved from console and always thought the graphics weren't such a big jump but now every game looks so much clearer and detailed.

    How many games have i played which could have been so much better :(
  3. :whistle:
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