New build...worked flawlessly...won't power day 2

I knew it was too good to be true.

I put together the PC over the last several days. When I finally had everything where I wanted, it powered up, installed Windows 7, updated, downloaded Steam, downloaded a few games -- worked fine. I tested the cooling on the motherboard and CPU by running Prime95 and various other graphics benchmarking programs. The computer ran like a champ and the max temperature on the CPU was 58 degrees C. It ran for maybe 6 hours yesterday and then I shut it down for the night.

I walk in this morning, hit the power button, and get....nothing. I flipped the switch on the PSU off and then back on and tried again...nothing. I look all over the system for any sign of life and see the lights on the ethernet port blinking quickly and faintly. This is the ONLY thing I can see going on.

My build:

ASROCK X79 Extreme6 motherboard
Coolermaster 1000W Silent Pro Gold PSU
2 x Gigabyte Radeon HD7950 graphics cards
1 x Crucial 128GB SSD (for operating system)
2 x Crucial 256GB SSDs (Raid 0 for data only)
4 x Corsair 8MB Vengeance DIMM RAM
Corsair 600T case
Corsair H80 CPU Cooler

This ain't my first rodeo, but besides unplugging and replugging all power connections, etc. I'm not sure what else to look for. I've read where a mangled USB can cause similar symptoms, but I don't think that can be the case here. I do have a spare PSU I can try if nothing else works.

If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know..... Otherwise, feel free to commiserate.


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  1. don't think i can help you but did you try disabling the raid array in the BIOS and /or unplugging both those drives ? boot with opsys drive only.
  2. I would, but the board doesn't POST or give me the chance to get into BIOS. No fans kick on, no video output, no nothing except blinking ethernet port lights. I'll keep in mind if my cable swapping gets me further down the road.
  3. last time i ran into that my processor was shot.... i'm sure you tried the other PS by now.
  4. Not yet. I had to go in to work. I won't get to this until late morning / early afternoon. Thanks for the thought, though!
  5. I RMA'd the board after checking the PSU. I received the board yesterday and so I just put it back together. Same symptom. Blinking lights on ethernet port and now I noticed on my keyboard as well (a single LED). I'm going to take a mental break and then tear it back down, installing things piece by piece....unless someone's got a better idea. It sucks to have a lot of money invested in parts with no return (except for that one day where it ran like a champ).

  6. try unplugging the pcie x4 or x6 on the mobo (depedning on board; the one that powers the cpu) and see if it powers.

    I had a similar problem where my pc would not power on unless the cpu had no power.
  7. A long shot, but the power switch could be faulty. You can try to turn it on by shorting the two pins that the power switch cord connects to.
  8. eshepard said:
    A long shot, but the power switch could be faulty. You can try to turn it on by shorting the two pins that the power switch cord connects to.

    Good idea. I bet it's the power supply.
  9. Problem solved. Long story short, the motherboard had shorted out in the case and had to be reset before it would give the error code. It was protecting itself from the short. In any case, once I figured that out then I knew what to look for. The case had a stud I missed that was in an inappropriate place in the case and I was missing a standoff. Once I fixed those two then everything worked.

    All's well that ends well...I suppose. :-)

    Thanks for everyone's suggestions.
  10. glad things worked out.
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