AMD 7000 Series with Two Dual Link DVIs

I am looking into buying a new video card- I am considering the 7870 or 7950.

Currently, I have three 2560 x 1440 monitors. So I would really like to get a card that has two or more dual link DVI ports. An adapter could be used to run the third monitor via display port(or I could run my old 4850 for the third).

The problem I am having is that according to the specs on Newegg most of the cards with two DVIs say "2 x DVI (1 Single Link, 1 Dual Link)." In the pictures both ports appear to be dual link DIV.

My 4850 can run two of my 1440 monitors- so I find it had to believe that a 7870 or 7950 could not do the same.

Someone who knows- please make a recommendation.
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  1. For example:

    Are the specs incorrect or do I need a different card?
  2. You can always go to the card manufacturer's website and double check the port specs. Newegg isn't always accurate on some of the specs, there should be some models out there with dual link DVI on both ports. Though you may have to pay a price premium to get a card with multiple dual link DVI ports.
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