Single scanning horizontal line on monitor

For the past couple of weeks I have been getting this extremely annoying issue on my display, it becomes more noticeable when I am usually in game. A single horizontal line (looks like a screen tear) starts towards the bottom of my monitor and moves up the screen almost like its scanning the screen. I have moved my computer in case there was electrical interference in the walls. I have tried multiple gpus, I originally used the cards in sli but tried them each individually and the problem is still there. I have tried a new dual link dvi cable. Lastly, I have even replaced my current monitor (even with the new dvi cable) and yet the problem is still there.

Intel Core 2500k @ Stock voltages
Nvidia GTX 580
8 gbs g skill 1600 ram
Gigabyte Z68A-D3H-B3 motherboard
Planar SA2311W monitor

If anyone could let me know what they think the problem is please let me know.

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  1. do you have a set of speaker near the monitor that plug in the wall outlet if so take them away from the monitor also check if the video cable out of the pc to the monitor is not near any electrical cable or power to the monitor
  2. I don't have a set of speakers near the monitor. And I already checked to make sure that the dvi cable coming out of the monitor was not touching any electrical cables from the psu or monitor itself.
  3. Did you try enabling Vertical Sync in Nvidia Control Panel -> 3D Settings -> Global settings tab -> scroll down and then restarting the PC?
  4. Yes, i have tried that. I have also tried enabling it in game as well. Usually I get frame rates above 250 when this is occurring, but even when I turn on triple buffering vertical sync on in the game menus and it caps at 120 the horizontal scan tear still occurs. This is in cs:go by the way, not that this really matters as I get it in other games as well.
  5. Is it possible to capture it with a screenshot? If it is, please do so.
  6. it's not possible to screenshot this. I can try and video it but that would be hard to notice as well. it's relatively hard to notice, but once you do it becomes annoying. imagine a line from the left end of the monitor to the right. it starts towards the bottom of the screen and moves up like it is scanning a paper.
  7. I'm stumped why it is still occuring with Nvidia control panel forcing VSync. Are you by any chance using VGA cable?
  8. yeah i just got it on video and you cant even notice it. no vga cable, i have tried multiple dual dvi cables but the problems still there.
  9. do you have a vertical sync setting on your monitor
  10. no i dont. theres a setting called overdrive but this still occurs even with it enabled/disabled
  11. there is a phase ajusment for the horizontal lines and one for the clock vertical lines also see monitor user manual page 18
  12. not sure what you mean by phase adjustment.
  13. check your monitor user manual they tel exactly what it does and how to do it see the link
  14. never mind i found it. but the phase option is blacked out, can't select it. so is horizontal/vertical adjustment & clock.
  15. You're possibly experience a grounding issue. Try an extension cable from a different circuit and/or a new power cable
  16. i tried a completely new outlet. only thing i havent tried is a new psu cable, which I dont have.
  17. A new outlet might not mean its on a different circuit. I'd definately try a new power cable.

    If you don't have a circuit tester, you could systematically flip breakers with something like a radio/light plugged up to the two outlets you're checking.

    Since the power cable is in question, I wouldn't suggest swapping it with the one connected to your PC. I doubt it would do any damage since it seems like a small bit of interference; do that at your own risk.
  18. i have circuit breakers in my room. not sure what good that'll do.
  19. I realize I wasn't very clear. I was suggesting flipping breakers to determine if the other outlet youtired was on the same circuit.
  20. they are on the same circuit
  21. so is this basically a problem I am just going to have to grin and bear it?
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