Debugging runtime errors??s

sometimes when i run morpheus or ie, i get an error that reads, "runtime error.... would you like to debug?" when i say yes, i get some html code highlighted.... anyone have any idea what this is? its actually happening on two machines. one running 98se and another 2000 prof, both ie 5.0.

i tried Morpheus..... but i didnt inhale....
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  1. According to Microsoft, this occurs when the Visual InterDev PageNavbar control tries to open a Web page whose name contains an apostrophe (').

    Their solution is to rename the Web page and remove the apostrophe.

    My recommendation would be to upgrade the browser to version 6.0 and see if that fixes the problem.

    You can download the full version <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>.


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  2. hmmm thanks, i will look into that. thats kinda weird, dont you think? it also seems to happen alot when i am running my pow! software that kills popups.... i hate those things so much... how is that legal? to steal bandwidth, lock up peoples computers and FORCE them to view things they dont want to view.

    i tried Morpheus..... but i didnt inhale....
  3. Examine your Internet Options...
    Ya might
    "check" Disable script Debugging, or
    Show friendly HTTP errors, or there ore lots of others...
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