After installing window 8, laptop shuts down after half an hour of gaming.

i've been playing NBA 2k13 for 2 years on my sony vaio e series. until recently i decided to update to windows 8. When i did my laptop shuts down while playing nba after half an hour, and that could be very disturbing. I took it back to virgin megastore (where i got it) they said your laptop is not compatible with win8 when gaming, they said to format it and install win7 to game. although my laptop is a very high performance laptop that i used to play grand theft auto 4 on it, and max payne 3, ex...
What do u assume is the problem?
can i not enjoy the new windows 8 metro system and play games at the same time?
or maybe intall windows7 and win8 on it? and when i wana game i launch win7, would that work? please reply
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  1. This sounds like a heat problem. It is possible that the power management functions on your Sony do not work properly under Windows 8. The issue could also be related to the Windows 8 video drivers.

    What specific model of Vaio are you using?
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