Sapphire 7850 )C Edition 2gb sound problem need help plzzz

I just bought a Sapphire 7850 OC Edition 2 gb graphic card , after i install it on my pc sound is suddenly gone its like x on sound icon i have tried a lot ... and i mean that but no hope so any suggestion would help a lot plzzz
Here my PC spec`s :
HP xw 4600 Worckstation
Xeon Dual Core 3.00 Mhz
4 gb 800 Kingston rams
1 TB Seagate HDD
80 plus certified 475 wt PSU
and Samsung 20 " SyncMater BX 2030
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  1. Try re-installing the drivers
  2. Show us a screenshot of the device manager with all the subcategories shown.
  3. guy`s thanx for replying but i solve the problem it was a bios configuration . When i put my graphic card on computer and as u know graphic card`s has they are own sound card`s so bios has change best option for the PC automatically and disable builtin sound card of motherboard . I just restart the PC opened bios configuration and make Integrated Audio Enable ( it was disabled ) and that`s all ! Now sound working perfectly without any problem !
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