Power supply emergency.

I say emergency because the card has been bought already and is still in packaging, the 7950 3GB DD takes 2 6-Pin PCIE

But my PSU has

1 X 20+4-pin ATX
1 X 4+4-pin CPU
1 X 6-pin PCI-E
1 X 6+2-pin PCI-E
6 X Peripheral
2 X Floppy

Can I just not use the +2 pin PCI-E and only use its 6x? or what?
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  1. The wattage is what matters most. That is the real deciding factor if it will work. As for your direct question, 6+2 pin connectors work in 6 pin and 8 pin graphics card plugs, so you can fill all the plugs on your graphics card. Your power supply should have 500w or more rating, as this is what the manufacturers requirement is.
  2. It says 580 with a 20 box next to it, and then it says "600w" its this: http://us.ncix.com/products/?sku=57761&vpn=OCZ600GXSSLI-B&manufacture=OCZ%20Technology&promoid=1295
  3. Ik just making sure
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